In Memory Donations

Memorial donations are a special and meaningful way to remember a recently deceased family member, friend or colleague. 

Instead of flowers at the funeral you can instead ask for donations to be made to one or more specific charities. Alternatively, you can arrange a tribute donation in memory of this special person.

How to arrange

Most funeral directors will be able to arrange a collection for you.  Mourners may leave cheques with the undertaker’s staff who will pass them on to the charity.

You can also ask people to send cheques directly to the charity, naming the person who has died in their correspondence so that the charity understands that these are tribute donations.  If you prefer, you can always ask people to pass money and cheques to you and you can forward it to the charity.

Another way of doing this is to set up a JustGiving remembrance page where family, friends and colleagues can make a secure online donation and leave a tribute message. This has the benefit of allowing people all over the world to join in this tribute, particularly if they are unable to travel for the funeral.  You can place the deceased’s photograph and leave a personalised message on this page.

Why do this?

Many people feel that it keeps the memory of those they have lost alive and provides a fitting tribute.  Flowers last only a few days but a small sum of money to a charity can provide a lasting and welcome gift to those who really need it.  In memory donations also demonstrate the enduring love for the deceased felt by those left behind.

The International Children’s Trust would be grateful and honoured to be the charity chosen by you to receive in memory donations.

We will write to you once we have received all the donations and inform you of the total raised in memory of your loved one and list the donors so that you can also acknowledge them.  The International Children’s Trust will write to thank all donors who provide contact details.  It is our policy not to disclose amounts given by individuals so you can be reassured of confidentiality.

For further information please contact:
Dave Christie Tel: (0)1733 319777 or Email: